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Fishing Passion

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Table of Contents

Introduction XI
Dedication xv
Acknowledgment xvi
PART ONE The innocent years
In the beginning . . . 3
Behind steel bars 17
Mr. Seeley and Mr. Payne 22
Terms of endearment 27
PART TWO Early flirtations
"Me and Joe" and publishing 45
Casting at the Bois de Boulogne 53
Monsieur Charles 57
The Man in the tuxedo 63
Good ol' Army days 68
PART THREE Flings & infatuations
1523 W. Fullerton 75
"Big Story Jim" -Guiding on the Manitou 85
PART FOUR Lifelong commitment?
The Safari Outfitter days:
The golden years of international travel

First customer! 111
The Costa Rican breakthrough 117
The fish scale Incident 123
Angola's outdoor beer parlor 131
The Great drinking bout 135
Chicks vs. fishing 138
Marta's special bread recipe 147
Scalped in Panama 151
The perfect put down 157
"Screw the Duke of Roxborough"
and other Norwegian fishing stories

The Winchester storm 173
Bill and Andy 180
White water canoeing 183
The chair 186
The break up 190
PART FIVE Feelings, emotions & relationships
The birth of PanAngling 197
Colombian episodes 208
Michael's great bonefishing adventure 227
Sue Ellen and Dave 232
The shocking adventure of a camp owner 239
The big oak tree at Mirage Bend 245
Strange encounter 249
The Bruce Wooksly nightmare 253
The $250,000 fish 256
A feast to remember 262
The Parismina mystery 271
Decision: A life for a salmon 275
Fishing with the greats 279
Stu Apte 281
A. J. McClane 289
Winston Moore 295
Lee Wulff 304
PART SIX Regrets, hopes & dreams
Le Shack 315
Aging stinks: or it's hard to grow old gracefully 333
Fishing now and then 337
Needed: A worldwide fishing federation 343
Last days at 180 N. Michigan 355


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