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Fishing Passion

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"…Jim Chapralis has written "Fishing Passion," an extremely entertaining account of his personal angling life, a tale that rolls off the page with a Hemingway like flair...His resume includes stints exploring, developing and marketing fishing destinations throughout the world at a time when U.S. anglers were just waking to those outside opportunities.

"…Only a dedicated fly fisherman and a bachelor at the time would turn down an invitation from a sexy fashion model to visit Hugh Hefner's infamous Playboy Mansion because he might miss an evening fly hatch with his fishing cronies in the Badger State.

"'Today, I sort of regret that decision,'" the author admits, obviously still not quite sure his earlier priorities were out of line.

"This is a man who vowed to marry the woman he was dating only if he failed to land a tarpon during a week's stay, at one of the world's most fabled tarpon waters ... and then failed, and, as a result, is happily married.

"Few stunning adventures or economic maladies appear to have escaped Chapralis…He was swindled, suckered and experienced the demise of companies but never allowed his angling dreams to die.

"…This book, however, is a celebration, not a dirge, of a chosen lifestyle with all its rewards, pitfalls and intriguing situations. Chapralis, an unbeatable storyteller with a ready supply of tales, is the perfect author and subject for such a task.

"…It's a fast paced, enjoyable read for the entire family, regardless of an individual's passion for fishing…" - By Jim Lee, Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers

"My wife hated this book. Whenever I was reading it she got no peace. I was either laughing out loud, exclaiming about some incident or demanding that she read a page. While fly fishermen will get an extra kick out of the story, non anglers will also enjoy.

"Jim's abundance of stories come from his working in the sporting travel business and then starting the first business that catered to traveling fishermen…total delight guaranteed." -Barry Serviente, Angler's Art

"When is the last time you read a book from cover to cover in one day? I did . . . Fishing Passion is a 'must read'. . . ." -Marty Malin, The Wildlife Report

"...My favorite parts of this good read happen early and late in the book and there are little gems of storytelling in between...Chapralis's autobiography wends its way pleasantly through destinations and unusual people and stops along the way to admire the likes of Charles Ritz, Lee Wulff, and A. J. McClane and Winston Moore. It ends up, probably as it should, at Le Shack, a Wisconsin hideaway where the author continues to contemplate an angler's life and seek a giant trout that eluded him one late summer's night..." -Tom Helgeson, Editor/Publisher, MIDWEST FLY FISHING magazine

"Crisply, readers are transported through six decades. It is 1940, 1955, 1960, 1998 ... it flows seamlessly, like the stories, in a vibrant montage of angling adventure.

"Jim Chapralis, an international fishing pioneer, a good-natured hustler/entrepreneur, a tireless and legendary angler who has fished in more than three dozen countries, proves he also is a giant of an outdoor writer with this delightful 384-page compilation of snappy yarns that give his readers the privilege of being his companion through an accomplished and hard-driving life.

"Not that Chapralis needed to prove anything - he's been writing in some fashion his entire career - but this work leaves us wondering what he could have done had he made words, rather than business, his primary focus.

"No doubt, the stories told would have been as exotic as the places he frequently visited and as amazing as the large fish he routinely caught. Few of us truly live our dreams, but Chapralis did and he's happy to take us along for the ride." -Michael A. Anastasi, DAILY NEWS OF LOS ANGELES

"...Comparing the attraction and act of fishing to the condition and experience of romantic love, as well as deftly capturing the passions of the sport in anecdotes, dreams, memorable personal experiences and communions with nature, Fishing Passion was written by an angler, for anglers everywhere, as it vividly communicates the true joy of a beloved and lifelong pastime..." -THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"If you can only buy or receive one book for Christmas this year, this should be it. Every once in a long while a book comes along that reaches far beyond the "been there, done that" genre of so many autobiographical works, and this tome is one of those.

". . . Fishing Passion is a work of love: a love of people, of fishing, and of life. In its pages you will be entertained, informed, angered and, above all, convinced the author's passionate affair with angling is genuine, sincere and worth the telling." -King Montgomery, VIRGINIA SPORTSMAN

"...A lot of fishing and hunting books cross my desk. Some are good, a few are exceptional, and some evoke yawns. 'Fishing Passion' (AnglingMatters Press), is one of those books that is exceptional. 'Fishing Passion' is not so much about the giant tarpon and marlin taken by Jim's customers, but rather about the people Chapralis encountered during his five decades of involvement with the sport. Like many who grew up in Chicago's neighborhoods, Jim boarded the streetcars and buses with his cane pole and bait to catch perch from various lakefront spots. But it wasn't until he was in the US Army that he discovered the untapped fishing resources in Europe.

"...I had intended to read the book on a recent trip to Alaska, since the flight was over six hours in duration. The hard cover edition sat there on my desk, beckoning me to lose myself in its pages. I succumbed weeks before my departure...

"'Fishing Passion' is a must-read book if you're like me and you have that lifelong love affair with angling. I believe you'll finish it with a smile on your face and a desire to keep throwing a line." -Mike Jackson, DAILY HERALD

"It [FISHING PASSION] is going to be a best selling fishing book. It is not a book on fishing, it is a book about the life of fishing . . . " -Charlie Potter, THE GREAT OUTDOORS, WGN superstation, Dec. 29, 2001

"Any angler who knows there is a great deal more to fishing than simply catching fish will love FISHING PASSION. . ." -Bob Stearns, Contributing Editor, FIELD & STREAM

" . . . the Jim Chapralis odyssey takes you to fascinating places and his experiences and the people you meet along the way will capture your interest from beginning to end." -Stu Apte

"Driven by his passion for sportfishing, Jim has lived an extraordinary life. These well-told stories let us live it, too." -Joan Wulff

"Chapralis has been both pond fisherman and adventurer and managed to live the angler's fantasy of making fishing both his hobby and career." -Lew Freedman, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

" . . . I was so absorbed I read every line. I bet you will be, also!" -Homer Circle, Angling Editor, SPORTS AFIELD

"Jim puts you in the front seat of his time capsule. . . FISHING PASSION takes you on a whirlwind trip through the decades as he uncovers many exotic fishing destinations in an endless series of adventures. You'll meet many fascinating, unforgettable characters in this fast-paced book." -Bill Cullerton, co-founder of FLY FISHERMAN magazine

"FISHING PASSION produced gales of laughter, as in the international jet set party at the Ritz episode, but also tears. . . as in the sad, sensitive chapter, A LIFE FOR A SALMON. I was glad my wife was away, as I wouldn't want her to see me crying like a kid . . . " -Robert T. Miller [world record holder and international angler]

"The Dedication is a delight in itself -he lists all the major fish by name and says, 'and all the other wonderful species of fish, for the countless hours of pleasure (and frustration) they've provided us, and if it were not for them, our wonderful world of angling would not exist.'

"...There are plenty of adventures in Fishing Passion, some nearly unbelievable - but they are true. Jim takes you to Angola in search of giant tarpon (and the most unusually "outdoor beer garden" found anywhere); to Panama where he and friends are held at bay by a dozen guns; to Colombia where witch doctors practice their medicine on injured anglers; and his favorite Wisconsin streams only a few hours' drive from his home.

"Fishing Passion is a great read, well written, (without being overly descriptive), each character and place come alive. It is truly an exciting, passionate book about living ones dream." - DLB, FLYANGLERSONLINE.COM

"A great addition to your library is Jim C. Chapralis' book, 'Fishing Passion-a lifelong love affair with angling'...

"Chapralis ran the first international fishing [travel] service, worked as a fishing guide, sold tackle, fished all over the world, and could call famous angler, Charles Ritz, manager [owner] of the Paris' Ritz Hotel a friend..."

"Read the dedication page to see how hooked (no pun intended) Chapralis is on fishing. Chapralis notes the many species of fish he's chased in a lifetime of fishing.

"Jim C. Chapralis has a winner with Fishing Passion." -Roger Beukema, OAKLAND PRESS

"...There is an excellent book out that you should read. The name of the book is Fishing Passion: A Lifelong Love Affair with Angling. The author is Jim Chapralis...Take the time to read this book..." -Bill Harden, LERNER NEWSPAPERS

"...You'll love Fishing Passion by Jim Chapralis. . . It is a wonderful book. . ." -Stephen Sloan, THE FISHING ZONE, (hour-long interview on TALK AMERICA network radio.

"...Chapralis' book [Fishing Passion] chronicles 60 years of fishing, starting with his early childhood in Greece, growing up in Chicago, becoming a world-champion caster, founding a tackle company, and eventually starting and operating two successful international fishing travel agencies.

"Chapralis shares his adventures and misadventures, and introduces the people he met on his fishing trips through the world..." -Roger Phillips, THE IDAHO STATESMAN (full page story).

"Jim Chapralis…has spent an enviable lifetime fishing around the globe for trout, tarpon, salmon, sailfish, peacock bass and just about any other species you can thing of.

"In Fishing Passion he reminisces about the great waters he explored and the anglers who shared his odyssey. It's a great read, but sure to trigger an epidemic of wanderlust…" -J. Michael Kelly, Syracuse Post-Standard

"I recently found a new book on the market that impressed me. I wish all outdoor authors presented their works as neatly as Jim Chapralis' Fishing Passion: A Lifelong Love Affair With Angling. Remarkably, this fine book is not about how to catch fish, or where to fish; there are many books that cover these subjects nicely. It's Jim Chapralis' 60-year journey pursuing his addictive love for fishing…In Fishing Passion, you'll meet many one-of-a-kind characters from the 'Pimp' (his boyhood fishing chum) to Charles Ritz, the world famous French hotelier and superb angler… While humor threads through many stories in Fishing Passion, there are numerous serious, thought provoking chapters that underscore the dangers. In the Parismina Mystery, Chapralis describes the disappearance of two men and their boat. In the Shocking Adventure, a camp owner returns to Nicaragua to reclaim his lodge after the Sandinista war, but instead is captured by young boys armed with guns who are about to kill him. In his Aging Stinks chapter, the author realizes that he simply can't do the things he used to, but finds solace in accepting the aging process and using an older friend as his role model…" -Kenneth Keiser, The Examiner.

"Those with a yearning to travel should be sure to pick up a copy of Fishing Passion by Jim Chapralis. That book is subtitled, "A Lifelong Love Affair With Fishing," and that's a perfect description of Chapralis, who became addicted to the sport as a youngster and went on to travel the world…Fishing Passion includes chapters about adventures in Costa Rica, Panama and other foreign locales as well as about fishing with some of the greats of our sport. Yet, Chapralis sums up the book best in the introduction: 'This is a book, or odyssey, about chasing wonderful dreams; some that actually materialized, others that shattered into fractured nightmares. But that's part of the territory. No regrets.'…" -Al Ristori, The Star-Ledger

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